Evergreen Plant Food

Producing the highest quality fruits, vegetables, turf and ornamentals is possible without insecticides and fungicides. This technology has been available in the United States for more years and is relatively new to Canada. It revolves entirely around "Plant Nutrition". If one can raise the carbohydrate levels or sugars levels high enough in the plant, insects and disease do not find these plants a desirable host and thus seek out weaker plants for infestation.This system for success is dependant upon a very healthy and biologically living soil and foliar supplements throughout the growing season to ensure additional nutrition.

Evergreen Liquid Plant Food an industry leader in biological and organic fertilizers offering practical and sustainable programs for people seeking growing methods with fewer "CHEMICAL POISONS". I was so impressed with the results on my farm I became a sales person. A list of the products we carry is below. For additional information and purchasing please contact Joe Lindley at 905-928-0195.

Price List 2009

Liquid Carbon
Rich in humic and fulvic acids, Evergreen liquid carbon will feed your microbial populations in the soil resulting in better nutrient availability, increases water retention, better soil aeration and improved soil tilth and structure.
$ 69.00 / 10 LITRE JUG (Bulk pricing available)

Molasses is an excellent food source for soil microbes as well as providing a simple sugar and sulphur compounds for the growing plant.
$ 39.00 / 10 LITRE JUG (Bulk pricing available)

Nature's natural insecticide as well as containing sulphur, iron and organic selenium for plant health.
$ 139.00 / 10 LITRE JUG

Monty's - 8-16-8 & 2-15-15
A highly advanced liquid fertilizer that translocates quickly throughout the plant energizing it's full potential.
$ 139.00 / 10 LITRE JUG

Organic GEM Liquid Fish - 3- 3- .3
An excellent all natural fertilizer containing essential minerals and nutrients for plant health and nutrition.
$49.00 / 10 LITRE JUG (Bulk pricing available)

Agri-Gro Liquid Seaweed
An outstanding biostimulant containig over 60 trace minerals and 80 microorganisms.
$139.00 / 10 LITRE JUG

Liquid Calcium 8-0-0-10
Considered one of the key elements in plant nutrition and health.
$ 20.00 / 10 LITRE JUG (Bulk pricing available)

Smaller quantities for home turf available!